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  • RENAISSANCE: (noun) "A great revival in artistry and learning."

  • Welcome to our website

    We hope you enjoy the rich resource our blog site is slowly becoming. As more weddings are uploaded, you'll be able to click on tags that take you to photos shot at the locations you're considering for your wedding.

    Also, rather than only showing you the best 90 images we've ever shot (creating an extemely unrealistic impression of what any photographer will produce on your wedding day), there are over 1,000 wedding images here in total now.

  • Who Are We?

    After training as a press photographer in Brisbane and shooting for several high-end studios and national magazines till the late 90's, our photographer Graham Schumann decided to bring his passion for editorial style wedding photography to his home town of Orange, and Renaissance Photography was born.

    Since then we have offered lifestyle family portraiture, stunning storybook wedding albums, and a candid photojournalistic style of wedding photography that combines unobtrusive story telling, with art.

  • Do We Travel?

    Yes, to Bathurst, the Blue Mountains, Dubbo & the West, Lithgow, Mudgee & the Hunter Valley, Sydney, Canberra, and way beyond.

Sally & Ben’s wedding at the historic Glen Davis Boutique Hotel, had a ton of charm. So much so that Sydney Bride Magazine couldn’t resist running a feature on their wedding story titled “Vintage Elegance”.

Click through to see the images, that Sydney Bride readers won’t…

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  • ddeanna iceton nee mcdonald - I lived in glen davis inthe fortys and fifties i went there as a 10 week old baby in march 1940 being born xmas day 1939 in mudgee my father was a miner in the valley. What a lovely wedding and the scenery was fabulous. Many memories stirred for me. deanna

  • Linzi Aland - Hello,
    We are getting married on the 13th Sept 2014 in Dubbo and we’re wondering if you are available on that date. We would also love a rough idea of the cost for the day.

    Thank you,
    Linzi and Paul

Maddie & Brad are very cool cats. They are extemely nice people who enjoy being a bit random. So, true to who they are, my breif was to get some extremely nice images, as well as some that were a bit more random…

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  • Tania - What a fantastic lot of photos so much fun good to see some of your new work Graham Awesome

  • Mandy - Wow you photograph in story. I visited their wedding not just viewed ‘some pics of the day’. Great work

When Allisa & Tyson first came in, they were undecided about whether or not to travel the 20 mins each way out to Tyson’s family farm (knowing this would make the shoot time tight), or just have their bridal party wedding photos in Forbes. I encouraged them to think about what they would most value, when they look back 20 years from now.

Here is some of the story of their day, as told by Allisa…

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Marisa & Jason's Orange Farm Wedding
Marisa Magiros & Jason Groake were married & had their reception (complete with straw picnic blankets & hot gormet catered hampers) at “Rosemerrin” a small property near Millthorpe.

Here is the day, as told by Marisa. (Warning, lots of pics!)

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  • Doreen Kline - Truely beautiful wedding photos! I loved all of the images in the field and in and around the shed. They looked like they all had a wonderful time.
    Great work.
    Doreen Kline

  • Photographick Studios | Washington DC Wedding Photographer - Love the images of the Vail, very very cute and truly memorable. The images in teh field are amazing, and your overhead shots are GREAT as well.

  • Susan - You are still the BEST by FAR, Graham. No one holds a candle to you that I can see.!

  • Admin - Graham - Hi Susan, thanks (I’m blushing)! It’s not everyday a photographer’s wife gives such strong praise to another photographer. Did you like the aerial shot? There are also some much higher/wider ones, but with Marisa wearing her pink gumboots!

  • Tim Wild - Wellington Wedding Photographer - Wow, those aerial shots are great, and totally unique! The photos are all fantastic, I love the one in front of the shed :)

  • Atlanta Wedding & Family Photographer - Wow you really captured the fun of this wedding and did it with style. Truly unique.

  • Gabriel- Seattlel Portrait Photographer - Great pictures and coverage. I really like what you did with the lighting with the bridal couple in the barn, very “out of the box”. Thank you for sharing!


They say that behind every successful man, there’s a strong woman. If this is true, then Josh Scully is headed for the mountain tops. At long last, here are some of the photos from their wedding.


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  • Tania - You did it again Grahame. Well Done on such beautiful, fun photos

  • Jody Scully - Wow, Wow, Wow. After giving birth to my baby girl, i was told that the slide show was done.I was very excited to have a look. All i can say is it was well worth the wait. Not only can i see the artistic talent you have ( which puts you above the rest) the music chosen was unique. You had me in tears of joy as i was able to relive the day. It does not get old. i can watch it over and over and and it makes me relive it every time with such joy.Everywhere around the maternity ward was your work, you captured those little ones so beautifully.I was proud to say you were the one who did the photography for my wedding. Well done your work is very inspiring.
    Thanks again
    Jody Scully (bride)

  • Anna Dowton - ~~~Just Gorgeous~~~

  • Napa Valley Wedding Photographer - Amazing set of images. You don’t often see the groom breaking objects during the reception! Perfect timing as you captured the action.

  • Photographick Studios - Love the slideshow, all the emotions and moments were captured perfectly. Haven’t had a groom break anything outside of glasses and his self respect(dancing) at any of my receptions.

  • Alice - NYC wedding photographers - Great work I love the picture of the groom breaking wood.

  • Kevin Le Vu Los Angeles Wedding Photographer - Stunning couple !!!! Awesome work!!!

Tania & Garry were married 20 minutes west of Parkes in the restored church that Tania’s family had originally helped build. Afterwards there was time for a bridal party shoot in the country, before heading back into Parkes Golf Club for their reception.

Here are a few of Tania’s thoughts, and of course a few photos!

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  • Wedding Photographer | Boundless Photos - Awesome set of photos, so many that really grabbed me but I particularly love the shot of the bride and groom from above on the wood and the golden sky photo of the bride and groom shot from behind!

  • Jenn - Tania is one of my dear friends and to see the gorgeous photo’s you’ve captured from her day is just wonderful! I’ve also seen the rest of the photos and I was absolutley speechless!! These photos are only the beginning of beautiful moments captured of a trully special day.

  • Tania - Hi Graham,
    We are very happy with our photos, you managed to capture all the emotions and made our wedding look fun and absolutely beautiful. Thanks for being so professional and dealing with the heat and jam packed timetable. We can’t wait to see you and hang some of the prints on the wall. Goosebumps and tears, you truely know how to capture the moment. Love Tania and Gaz.

  • Ken - Singapore wedding photographer - This wedding is so full of smiles, it’s infectious. Great job capturing all those. I love the 2nd last photo shot from inside the car. Nice treatment of colors there too!

  • Philip Hawkins Edinburgh Wedding Photographer - Some great photojournalism there, but my favourite photograph was the overhead shot where they are lying on the wooden latted beams. Excellent!

  • Maureen Cassidy Photography - love your blog! you have a great talent. few photographers can consistantly produce this quality of work!

  • Brandon- Anchorage Alaska Wedding Photographer - Great coverage! That last shot through the window is priceless!

  • CL Steele Studio | Portland Wedding Photographer - Wonderful images! They all made me smile. I love all the different angles. My favorite is the one of Tania and Garry laying on the plank boards! Awesome!

  • Doreen Kline - Loved all of the images. Especially the one from above when the couple was lying on the wooden walkway. Great lighting, expressions and wonderful use of textures and image depth.

  • ebphoto | Photographe Bruxelles - Beautiful pictures! I loooove N°10 which is my favorite! Thanks for sharing your inspiring work.

During the meal at Josh & Jody’s wedding last Saturday (more from their wedding later), I noticed a couple of girls who were obviously sweet on two of the groomsmen. Everyone else was busy eating, so with nothing to miss here, we stepped outside for a few minutes of fun.

So, here’s Sarah & Wousung, and Laura & Gussy!


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  • Renee Cobb - What fun! This is truely beautiful photography. You must have a knack for bringing out the silly side.

  • Cayce Callaway - I love these Really fun photos! Could be two more weddings happening there!

  • Philip Hawkins Wedding Photographer Edinburgh - Great work! It’s always nice when you capture something a little different! Well done!

  • admin - We’ve had a couple of requests for pics from the rest of this wedding. As stated on the front page, these are coming.

    We typically like the bride and groom to see the photos of themselves first. Once they’ve had a chance to view their images we’ll post more from their wedding here. Stay tuned!

  • Kim Cavanagh - Fantastic photography, looks like so much fun. They make gorgeous couples :)

Haylie & Jamie's wedding imagesHaylie Connaughton & Jamie Howarth were married on Nov 21st at Banjo Patterson Park near Orange, and had a very relaxed reception in a marquee on Jamie’s parent’s property at Clifton Grove.

Recently we’ve had a string of enquiries about whether we capture candid photographs of wedding guests, or just a mixture of candid and fashion style photos of the bridal party. (Looking back through this blog I can see why- we mainly post images of each bride & groom, leaving an unrealistic impression of our photography.)

To prove a point – the following are ONLY photos of Haylie & Jamie’s guests. To see images of this great couple, and rest of the day, contact Haylie!

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Kathryn & Matthew's Blue Moutains Wedding
Kathryn & Matthew were married in the Blue Mountains and had a wedding that showcased some of what Katoomba etc has to offer. They’ve just arrived back from their honeymoon, and I’m looking forward to them seeing these pics!


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  • Lauren Plenderleith - To whom it may concern,
    I just wanted to comment on the photos that you took of this beautiful wedding. They are good friends of mine and i was the MC at the reception. The images you have produced are amazing and are so artistic. Kathryn especially loves them and feels like a movie star in the making. I love how you have used all facets available to you to create these fantastic memories. I have mentioned your name to all our friends (we seem to be of that age at present) and told them to take a look at your spectacular work. I only wish i had heard of you when i was married many years ago! Again, congratulations on producing such professional and artistic images on what can be a very scattered day!

  • Steve Shipman - What a spectacular setting! Your wedding photos capture the setting and the emotions between this couple beautifully.

  • Ebphoto photographe bruxelles - Beautiful work! I love the picture in the stretch limo (from the inside it looks like a bus!), you’ve captured beautifully the love between the lovely bride and groom.

  • Martin Roe - Lenzflair - Just amazing photography. It’s one thing having a fabulous venue and locations, but quite another thing to get so many fabulous images from one wedding. Simply outstanding. Love the slideshow.

Nicole & Andrew's wedding near MudgeeAndrew McDonald and Nicole Doherty were married in Gulgong, with their reception in Mudgee, and Nicole would have to be the most rain-proof bride I’ve ever photographed! She was absolutely determined to have an amazing wedding, and amazing photos to go with it, regardless of the weather.

Both times that we got out of the cars during the bridal party shoot, the light rain quickly turned into a solid downpour. But throwing off the umbrellas and her cares, Nicole insisted we keep shooting anyway.

As a bonus, on their way back from their honeymoon, Nicole and Andrew were able to stop by and approve the design of their premium album, meaning they’ll have it for Christmas.

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  • Nicole and Andrew McDonald - Graham,

    Thank you so very much for capturing the memories of our wedding day. You did an absolutely amazing job and we will always be grateful for everything you did for us. You and Kate have been nothing but a pleasure. The slide show was such a bonus and so many of our guests appreciated seeing the photos that they would have otherwise missed out on. We are constantly looking at our incredible photos and they always make us both smile. Thanks again Graham, you completed out dream wedding.

    Kind Regards,

    Nicole and Andrew McDonald

  • Eric Hoffland - Nice Work! Excellent use of colors. You’re capturing the light in a wonderful way.

  • Bob D - Raleigh Area Wedding Photographer - Looks like a fun wedding. The images are really nice and brilliantly capture how much fun the couple were having. Great use of light, artistically composed. Good work!

  • David Galloway - Love the couple shots – and as a photographer I certainly know that doing a wet wedding is a challenge!

Gemmah & Sia SoliolaGemmah Shuttleworth & Sia Soliola were married at the Orange Uniting Parish Centre on Oct 17th.

They are now off honeymooning in the UK and France, where Sia is apparently slipping out between romantic dinners and backrubs, to play for New Zealand in the Four Nations Rugby League series… (Some guys will do ANYTHING to get out of shopping!)

Following are some of Gemmah’s thoughts, on their cross-cultural and beautiful wedding-


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  • Anonymous - beautifull photos!! just reading your lovely comments & show your pretty photos to mum &grandma Talele!! all the best for your future with the man of your dreams! the one & only Sia Soliola.
    love Surtees Family!

  • megan - photos are stunning…. wishing you both the best on your journey together as husband and wife. xox megan and zach

  • Anonymous - So amazing!! Glad I was there to witness such a beautiful love story awwwww. Much Love Rei xoxo

  • Anonymous - Congratulations Gemmah and Sia, you make such a stunning bride worthy of one of those bride magazines and Sia a handsome groom. Let’s do it all over again!!!! haha. The photos capture how truly amazing your special day really was. All the best for the future. xx ps: Your bridesmaids are all stunning and should be supermodels.

  • Scott - Dear Gem and C.PAIN may your future together be every bit as awesome as your wedding looked , photos are tha bomb .. heres to tha rest of you life … Scotty Gee …x

  • Anonymous - Congratulations to my dearest lil bradah Iosia and to your beautiful bride Gemmah. It was such a magically amazing day – I am so happy and blessed to have you guys in our lives. Welcome to the family Gemmah (no turning back hehehe). Love you guys always & forever – from the NZ Soliola Krew!!!!

  • UNDAcover blade runner - money money yeah yeah,beautiful pictures,.the photographer was definitely the bomb,.love ya work buddy,.The girls look beautiful and the guys handsome,.thanks for the best weekend ever,.lots of love to sia and gemmah,and to the most commited photographer i’ve ever seen,.From the undacover shaver and your westside fanau.

  • Anonymous - Congratulations Gemmah and Sia, and we wish you both well on the next chapter in your lives as husband and wife. We are blessed to have witnessed your beautiful day, Thank you both, Lots of love Zeta, Joshua and Elyse xxxx

  • Trish Shuttleworth - Hi Graham/Kate,

    I congratulate you on the slide slow it is absolutely beautiful.

    Once again thanks for your very valuable contribution to our daughter’s wedding.

    Trish Shuttleworth

  • KHALIFEH Family - Nice photos, seems like all are having fun

  • KHALIFEH Family (take 2) - Hey Gemmah and Sia, We didn’t think the comment went through so here is our PROPER one!
    Congratulations on your special day! Gemmah you looked stunning and Sia you scrub up pretty good youself! The photos are amazing and I’m sure you will both treasure them forever. All the best on your new journey together as husband and wife. I’m sure it will be better than what you two could ever imagine. Thank you for letting us be part of your special day. All our love, the KHALIFEH Family x0x0x0x

  • Justin - Wow beautiful photos, very nice wedding and I’m excited for you guys. I know you will be happy together always!! I’m so grateful you invited me and the family to celebrate this very special moment with you. Thank you Gemmah and Sia, Take care!!!!

  • Kathleen Burke - You make a truly beutiful bride Gemma. The photos here are some of the most beutiful captured memories I have seen…Reading the story of your wonderful day brings a sentimental tear to my eye…you are so blessed to have so many of your wonderful friends and family there to help you celebrate the start of the most wonderful journey…they are there to offer love, and support…while God is in the midst of your union as He holds you both together in the palm of His almighty hand…much love

  • Damian Brown - Glamorous and cool… amazing images – that’s all I need to say!

  • Michael Kent - Philadelphia Wedding Photographers - Wonderful wedding photographs. The portraits of the bride are unbelieveably beautiful, especially love the ones with the umbrella.

  • Mark - Hi gems its Mark your friend in 2003 member me…Im happy for you and your husband…good day to you and him.

  • Anonymous - gemmah and sia (C>C).
    thank you for the great moment of enjoying your wedding day with you both.
    was a day of magic service, brilliant reception, and a great night.
    you are very true and faithful people to all who are your friends and family.
    Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
    good luck and look forward to catching up when you are in sydney again.
    your friendship is invaluable to me..

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