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Allisa & Tyson

“Our long awaited day finally arrived… and seemed to pass in the same breath. Our beautiful photos were taken on Tys’s family farm, which added a sentimental element, and will become part of its history.

“The day was freezing, but we were blessed to have the sunset in one shot and the moon in the next. Our very brave and loved bridesmaids and flower girls battled the cold, mud and taunts from the groomsmen to help produce the most amazing photos and memories of our special day. They were also helped by their trusty gumboots to get them from paddock to shed to trees and back to a paddock. We are extremely happy with our photos, the shoot was great, and the results are amazing! Hopefully our family like them as much as we did – we are giving them copies of our favourites for Christmas!

“I chose my dress and accessories by sticking to the motto of ‘simple and elegant’. I was very happy with how my look turned out, and by how well the attire of the entire bridal party worked together. My jewellery consisted of pearls – which is what my Mum wore at my parent’s wedding. I was even luck enough to wear her bridal pearl bracelet, which matched so well with my new necklace and earrings.

“Our flowers weren’t chosen for any sentimental or preference reason – I just thought they were pretty and suited the style of our dresses. They have since been dried and are hanging up in our house.”

Getting ready at Forbes NSW

Allisa and bridesmaids at Forbes NSW

Adorable flower girls at Forbes

Bride arriving at the Uniting Church in Forbes, NSW

“The Church was well decorated already, which was great for our finances, and looked great in the photos and walking up the aisle as it was filled quite nicely with all our wonderful guests. Our ceremony was lovely, with a very warm message about love lasting through all of life’s challenges.

“My nerves were calmed dramatically once my eyes locked on Tys, and I even managed a laugh when Dad leaned across at me to remark that it was the same man at the front waiting for me as it was at our practice the night before.”

Ceremony at the Uniting Church in Forbes

Uniting Church Forbes

Flower girls at Uniting Church Forbes

Wedding Photos at the Family Farm near Forbes

Casual fun wedding photos at the Family Farm near Forbes

Rural property wedding photography

A bit of mud!

Farm Shed

Photos at the shearing shed

wedding photos at the farm

Sunset near Forbes

Moon rise on property near Forbes NSW

Back in the shearing shed

The Cake!

“Our reception looked absolutely wonderful! We would never have guessed that all our decorations and the decor of our venue would look as amazing as it did when we walked up the stairs to meet our closest friends and family for the first time as husband and wife! Our decorations were brown and cream lace knitted carnations, made by Tys’s mum, in terracotta pots, surrounded by magnolia leaves – and looked beautiful!”

“Our day very special, we had so much fun with our closest friends and family around us. We have memories that we will cherish forever and photos to remind us of the fun we had and the people we shared it with. Married life is the most amazing place to be in, we are enjoying every day together, knowing we have a million more to come, and hoping they never end.” Allisa Inwood (nee Able).


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