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A Bit Of Fun

The stars of this production were: Laura Rossi, Agustin Rodriguez, Sarah Newland, and Wousung Yoon.

  • Renee Cobb - What fun! This is truely beautiful photography. You must have a knack for bringing out the silly side.

  • Cayce Callaway - I love these Really fun photos! Could be two more weddings happening there!

  • Philip Hawkins Wedding Photographer Edinburgh - Great work! It’s always nice when you capture something a little different! Well done!

  • admin - We’ve had a couple of requests for pics from the rest of this wedding. As stated on the front page, these are coming.

    We typically like the bride and groom to see the photos of themselves first. Once they’ve had a chance to view their images we’ll post more from their wedding here. Stay tuned!

  • Kim Cavanagh - Fantastic photography, looks like so much fun. They make gorgeous couples :)

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