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Gemmah & Sia

“I purchased my dress from the bridal factory in Wetherall Park, it was not a perfect fit, but thanks to the help of some experienced family freinds in my life they were able to adjust the dress to fit perfect on the day!!!

“My new sister in law brought my shoes for me as a gift which fitted perfect on the day, and all our flowers were supplied by another close freind of ours, our florist, Mary Athena. Mary travelled all the way from Sydney to Orange to make our day extra special with the awsome table arrangements also.”

Gemmah at her parent

Gemmah at home

“We were married in my home town of Orange, and I wanted it to be in a Christian church. We thought the Uniting Church was a beautiful church to have the ceremony in, with the led light windows and setout.

“Our highlight of the day was the ceremony to which my dad, pastor John Shuttleworth conducted. It was made extra special my having my all my sisters (including my new sister) and 2 best friends in the bridal line. My new husband, Sia, also made it memorable with his contribution of entertainment during the service (NOW WALK IT OUT)!!!

“Also, the beautiful traditional singing and dances from Sia’s side of the family brought tears to our eyes!!!”

Uniting Church Orange

The Kiss!


My pillar

My blossom

The Girls

Bridesmaid fun


The Boys

“Our reception ran a little behind schedule, and so the end of the night was a little rushed. We missed out on the ‘Taualuga’ (traditional Samoan dance for the bride and groom) which would have set the place off. But trying not to remember that part, cause it was very sad missing out on the dance :( Also my grandparents would have loved to do a song and dance which was also overlooked :(

“Otherwise everything else was perfect!!!

“Something that particually touched me during our reception was my sister in law doing a dance for us. This was very special as we have had an interesting relationship thus far, and it meant the world to us as she expressed her love for us!!! That all those people made such an effort to get there on the day was also really special. Our familys love and support on the day was awsome!!”

The Cake

Regarding the photography-
“Thanks Graham, the photos are absolutly stunning. You captured moments I didnt know existed, and even in the franticness of the night, you still made it look peaceful!!!” Gemmah Soliola.


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  • Anonymous - beautifull photos!! just reading your lovely comments & show your pretty photos to mum &grandma Talele!! all the best for your future with the man of your dreams! the one & only Sia Soliola.
    love Surtees Family!

  • megan - photos are stunning…. wishing you both the best on your journey together as husband and wife. xox megan and zach

  • Anonymous - So amazing!! Glad I was there to witness such a beautiful love story awwwww. Much Love Rei xoxo

  • Anonymous - Congratulations Gemmah and Sia, you make such a stunning bride worthy of one of those bride magazines and Sia a handsome groom. Let’s do it all over again!!!! haha. The photos capture how truly amazing your special day really was. All the best for the future. xx ps: Your bridesmaids are all stunning and should be supermodels.

  • Scott - Dear Gem and C.PAIN may your future together be every bit as awesome as your wedding looked , photos are tha bomb .. heres to tha rest of you life … Scotty Gee …x

  • Anonymous - Congratulations to my dearest lil bradah Iosia and to your beautiful bride Gemmah. It was such a magically amazing day – I am so happy and blessed to have you guys in our lives. Welcome to the family Gemmah (no turning back hehehe). Love you guys always & forever – from the NZ Soliola Krew!!!!

  • UNDAcover blade runner - money money yeah yeah,beautiful pictures,.the photographer was definitely the bomb,.love ya work buddy,.The girls look beautiful and the guys handsome,.thanks for the best weekend ever,.lots of love to sia and gemmah,and to the most commited photographer i’ve ever seen,.From the undacover shaver and your westside fanau.

  • Anonymous - Congratulations Gemmah and Sia, and we wish you both well on the next chapter in your lives as husband and wife. We are blessed to have witnessed your beautiful day, Thank you both, Lots of love Zeta, Joshua and Elyse xxxx

  • Trish Shuttleworth - Hi Graham/Kate,

    I congratulate you on the slide slow it is absolutely beautiful.

    Once again thanks for your very valuable contribution to our daughter’s wedding.

    Trish Shuttleworth

  • KHALIFEH Family - Nice photos, seems like all are having fun

  • KHALIFEH Family (take 2) - Hey Gemmah and Sia, We didn’t think the comment went through so here is our PROPER one!
    Congratulations on your special day! Gemmah you looked stunning and Sia you scrub up pretty good youself! The photos are amazing and I’m sure you will both treasure them forever. All the best on your new journey together as husband and wife. I’m sure it will be better than what you two could ever imagine. Thank you for letting us be part of your special day. All our love, the KHALIFEH Family x0x0x0x

  • Justin - Wow beautiful photos, very nice wedding and I’m excited for you guys. I know you will be happy together always!! I’m so grateful you invited me and the family to celebrate this very special moment with you. Thank you Gemmah and Sia, Take care!!!!

  • Kathleen Burke - You make a truly beutiful bride Gemma. The photos here are some of the most beutiful captured memories I have seen…Reading the story of your wonderful day brings a sentimental tear to my eye…you are so blessed to have so many of your wonderful friends and family there to help you celebrate the start of the most wonderful journey…they are there to offer love, and support…while God is in the midst of your union as He holds you both together in the palm of His almighty hand…much love

  • Damian Brown - Glamorous and cool… amazing images – that’s all I need to say!

  • Michael Kent - Philadelphia Wedding Photographers - Wonderful wedding photographs. The portraits of the bride are unbelieveably beautiful, especially love the ones with the umbrella.

  • Mark - Hi gems its Mark your friend in 2003 member me…Im happy for you and your husband…good day to you and him.

  • Anonymous - gemmah and sia (C>C).
    thank you for the great moment of enjoying your wedding day with you both.
    was a day of magic service, brilliant reception, and a great night.
    you are very true and faithful people to all who are your friends and family.
    Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
    good luck and look forward to catching up when you are in sydney again.
    your friendship is invaluable to me..

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